The Centrality of Christ Crucified in Apostolic Preaching

The Apostle Paul emphasized the centrality and foundation of his teaching and preaching ministry: “But we preach Christ crucified” (1 Cor. 1:23)

Ashbel Green delivered a sermon entitled “Christ Crucified, the Characteristic of Apostolic Preaching” on May 19, 1825. Here is a short excerpt:

“In a word, the doctrine of Christ crucified, was the sun of the apostle’s theological system, which imparted lustre to every other truth, directed its course, and kept it to its proper orbit – the sun which threw off its beams of heavenly radiance in all directions, to warm, and cheer, and animate those who were already spiritually alive, and to waken into life those who were yet slumbering in the frost and death of sin; which gave vitality and productive energy to every evangelical principle and precept; and to which every ray of truth might be traced back, as to its proper source; and to whose full-orbed splendour every Christian eye was often directed, to catch some glimpses of a glory too intense for a full and steady vision, till mortality should be swallowed up of life.”

Ashbel Green, Christ Crucified, the Characteristic of Apostolic Preaching, re-published in “The Pastor: His Call, Character, and Work” by Banner of Truth (2020)

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